BAT conference 2021

The Bavarian Working Group Animal Nutrition (BAT) organized its 59th annual conference this year as a digital web conference. The BAT conference 2021 presents latest insights around the general topic of “Feed and feeding with regard to climate relevance and the avoidance of food competition”. Again, we were represented with a scientific contribution.

The title of our poster was: Influence of a special fatty acid combination on performance and litter weight of lactating sows in practice.

The study in brief:

In the present study, the use of a matrix-encapsulated combination product based on fatty acids and phytogenic additives was tested for the performance of lactating sows (BEWI-FATRIX® SynerG+).

  • With addition of BEWI-FATRIX® SynerG+ a significant increase in weaning weight of the entire litter was achieved.
  • The use of purely plant-based products in a targeted combination of active ingredients can, through the resulting synergistic effects, contribute to a significant reduction in the use of drugs on farms and improve the economic success through increased animal performance.